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Posted by Simiss | 29 Sep 2008, 11:55am

Did you ever stopped to ask for directions? Have you desperately called someone familiar in the city and cried loud for directions? Have you ever hitch-hiked a willing stranger on the roads in order to reach your destination? Well, I have done all 3! I have been extremely frustrated, scared and lost in these situations. How I wished for a service to guide me during those desperate times!


Well, now there is an interesting service that Hyderabadis can avail by calling         040-44309787 and asking for directions across Hyderabad. If you are truly LOST or need directions or are searching for the closest ATM of your choice or restaurant serving your favourite food, call the number and there will be a live agent to guide you. This service, called Lost, Call Us! is in its trial phase. So pick up those mobiles and go tring tring!!! And send in your feedbacks to lostcallus@yahoo.com

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